New Year's Gifts for Queen Elizabeth: 1587-1588

Anno 30° Reginæ Elizabethæ

New Year’s Gifts presented to the Queen in 1587-8.

Item, one cup with a cover of cristall, fashioned like a dragon, slytely garnished, with golde, and sett with several small rubyes. Geven by Sir Chrystopher Hatton, Lord Chancellor, 38 oz.—Item, one cup of assaye of silver guilt, made ovall fashione, with a handle garnished with peyses of golde, ine eache of them a sparck of a ruby. Geven by the said Lord Chanshelor, 9 oz. 3 qa.

Item, one cup of cristaull, fashyoned like a beast, slytely garnished with golde, with a cover of golde garnished with pesys, with sparks of rubyes on their topes. Earle of Sussex. In all, 20 oz. di.

Item, one cup of crystaull, made ovall p fashione, slytely garnished with golde, with a cover of golde garnished with froggs, waspes, and deyses; on the top of the cover a bunch of flowers, 13 oz qa.

Item, one lyttle coup of crystaull, slytely garnished with golde, with a braunche of deyses in the tope. Lord Lumney. In all, 15 oz. 3 qa.

Item, one lyttle cup of cristaull, graven, slytely garnished with golde, with a lyke braunch of dasyes in the tope, 9 oz. qa.

Item, one porrynger of white porselyn, garnished with golde, the cover of golde, with a lyon on the toppe therof; all geven by the Lord Threasorour, 38 oz.

Item, one plate of golde, graven on the one syde with astronomy, and on the other syde with a shippe called the Trymphe, with a case of murry vellat, embroudered on thone syde with a shippe, with a strynge and tassels of Venis golde, sylver, and silke. Geven by the said Lord Threasorour, 63 oz.

Item, one cup of grene pursselyne, the foote, shanke, and cover silver guilte, chased lyke droppes. Geven by Mr. Robert Cecill, 15 oz.

Item, one spone and a forke of ogolde, the handle of the spoune corral, garnished with one lyttle diamonde, and one lyttle ruby, the forke garnished with too lyttle rubyes, too lyttle perles pendant, and a lyttle coral. Geven by the Countees of Warwicke, 4 oz. dim qa.

Item, one cup of pursseline, thone syde paynted red, the foote and cover sylver guilt. Geven by Mr. Lychfelde, 14 oz. qa.

Recived by Mr. Thomas Knyvett.

Item, one cheine of golde, weing one hundredth threescore and one ounce, being of the goodnes of 21 karrets and three grayns, 181 oz.

Receved of Mr. Kyllygrewe.

Item, one chayne of gold, being of the goodnes of 21 karrets two graynes and a quarter, and weing one hundredth fyvetye-seven ounces three qa. 157 oz. 3a.

Received of Mr. Mychaell Stanhop.

Item, one coup fashyoned lyke a skallop, the foute, shanke, and bolle of aggath garnished with golde, enamyled, set with three perls and three table dyamonds; on the foute three lesser perles, and three lyttle dyamonds on the shanke; the cover of golde inamyoled, sett with three round agatts, foure perls, three table rubyes, one fayrer than the other, three starres of dyamonds of sundry coutts, with one ruby in the myddest of either; and sundry small dyamonds upon the cover, having in the top thereof two antique horses of agatt; and a rynge of golde garnished aboute with small rubyes and a table dyamonde withoute foylle, and an agath wihtout the cover; weing altogether twenty-one ounce and a half and quarter. Geven by Mr. Cavendyshe, 21 oz. dim qa.