New Year's Gifts for Queen Elizabeth: 1576-1577

New-yere’s Gifts charged upon Lady Howarde, 1575-6

First, a coller of golde contayning 13 peeces, whearin are 13 greate emeraldes and 13 peeces of golde, with 13 troches of perles, 5 perles in every troche, and in every peece 4 small rubyes. Geven by therle of Lecetor.

Item, six dosen of buttons of golde, whearof 3 dosen being men, and 3 dosen fyshes. Geven by therle of Warwicke.

Item, a juell of golde, being a dove, whearin is three emeralds, the biggest of them pendaunte without foyle, two table rubyes, two table dyamondes, the rest garnished with 4 smale rubyes. Geven by therle of Bedforde.

Item, a payre of braceletts of golde, being 20 peeces, whearof 16 sett with blacke stones and 4 smale perles in a troche. Geven by therle of Hartforde.

Item, a fayre juell of golde, with three personages in it standing under a tree. The same juell garnished with smale dyamondes, in the midell a large rubye, and beneathe it a lesse rocke rubye, with a ragged perle pendaunte. Geven by therle of Ormonde.

Item, a juell of golde, being an oyster garnished with 4 smale rubyes, one dyamonde, and an ophall. Geven by therle of Surrey.

Item, a cheyne of golde garnished with smale perle, 11 oz. dim. qa. Geven by Vycount Gormanstone.

Item, a juell, being an agathe hedd, garnished with golde and a lorell garlande garnished abowte with sparcks of rubyes, and a pendaunte of golde garnished with 8 sparcks of rubyes, with an ophall in the midest. Geven by the Countyes of Oxforde.

Item, three dosen of buttons of golde, being acornes. Geven by the Countyes of Warwicke.

Item, a carkenet and a payre of braceletts of golde sett with amatastes and carnewe hedds. The carkanet contained 18 peeces, and the bracelet 16 peeces. Geven by the Counties of Lyncolne.

Item, a juell of golde, being a payre of braceletts, contayning 20 peeces of golde, goldsmithe’s worke enamuled; whearof 10 peeces, in every peece a rubye; and 10 peeces, in every peece 2 perles. Geven by therle of Kyldare.

Item a juell of golde, being an agathe of Neptune sett with 6 very smale rubyes, 2 very smale dyamondes, and 3 cowrse perles, whearof one bigger than the rest. Geven by the Ladye Burgheley.

Item, a payre of braceletts, which may serve for a carkenett, fully garnished with ophales and rubyes very fayre, enamulated with an ophall pendaunte. Geven by Mr. Hatton, Capitaine of the Garde.

Item, a tothe and eare-picke of golde, ebing a dolphin enamuled with a perle pendaunte, 16 smale rubyes being but sparcks, and 5 sparcks of dyamonds. Geven by the Ladye Cheake.

Item, a juell of golde, whearin is sett a white agathe, and sett with 4 smale sparcks of rubyes and a smale perle pendaunte. Geven by Mrs. Blaunche Parrye.

Item, a juell of golde, being a pomaunder, on eche side a smale poynted dyamonde; and a smale perle pendaunte. Geven by Mrs. Catherine Paston.

Item, a juell of golde, being a table, thearin is a salamaunder of ophalles garnished with 18 smale dyamondes, and a pendaunte with ophales and rubyes. Geven by Mr. Thomas Heneage, Threasorour of the Chamber.

Item, a ring of golde with 6 ophalles and very smale rubyes. Geven by Mrs. Heneage.

Item, a juell of golde, being a little bell enamuled, and garnished with small sparcks of rubyes, the clapper being a corse perle. Geven by Mrs. Townesende.

Item, a cheine of pomander slightly garnished with golde. Geven by Captaine Laightoune.

Item, six smale tothe-picks of golde. Geven by Mrs. Snowe.

[New-yere’s Gifts continued.]

First, a jugge of christall garnished with silver guilt, with a phenix in the toppe within a crown. Geven by the Lord Henry Semer. 23 oz. qa.

Item, oone standishe of silver guilt, with boxses for ink, dust, and counters, all over silver guilt. Given by Mrs. Dale, the Master of the Requests Wife. 37 oz. qa.