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Wine and the Vine: An Historical Geography of Viticulture and the Wine Trade

Wine: The 8,000 Year-Old Story of the Wine Trade A Short History of Wine Ancient Wine: The Search for the Origins of Viniculture

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  • Mosaic from the pavement of the Church of St. Christopher, Qasr Hiram, 6th century
  • September, The Fécamp Psalter (KB 76 F 13, fol. 9v), c. 1180
  • Grape harvest (probably the pressing of the Grapes of Wrath), Commentarius in Apocalypsin (BNF NAL 1366), end of the 12th century
  • A man operates a winepress, Commentary on the Apocalypse and Book of Daniel (PML M.429, fol. 115r), 1220
  • The winepress of the wrath of God on fols. 13v and 19r of the Apocalypse (Auct. D. 4. 17), c. 1250-1260
  • Christ in the winepress, the Morgan Apocalypse (PML M.524, fol. 18r), c. 1255
  • October, a psalter (Universitätsbibliothek Graz 1029, fol. 2v), c. 1290-1300
  • Wine press of the Grapes of Wrath, Apocalypse (British Library Add. 22493, fol. 4), early 14th century
  • A wine press, the Queen Mary Apocalypse (Brit. Lib. Royal 19 B XV, fol. 27v), first quarter of the 14th century
  • The drunkeness of Noah, the Holkham Bible Picture Book (British Library Add. 47682, fol. 9r), c. 1327-1335
  • Christ in the winepress, fresco at Emmaus Monastery in Prague, c. 1355-1365
  • Þo fift maner of clensyng þat fallis to tribulacion, is clensyng of wyne in þo pressure; for as þo pressure presses þo grapis þat þo preciouse wyne may be departid fro þo dreggis: so god settis þo soule in þo pressure of tribulacion, þat is to saie in sekenes of body, in pursuyng of wickid men, in dethe of frendis, in losse of erthely godis; þat he may clense þo soule of filthes of synne & of wicked lykingis. And þerfore ne put not a-way þo pressure of tribulacion: if þou wilt be sett in celere of Crist, as Salomon saies Cant. first: «Þo kyng led me in to þo wyne-selere»; & seynt Austyn saies þat «Þo martirs in þis lyne are so pressid, þat þo greet mater of hore body laft in þo pressoure, & þo preciouse soules are sett in celere of ayelastyng lyue as preciouse wyne».

    Twelve Profits of Tribulation
    (Yorkshire Writers:
    Richard Rolle of Hampole and his followers

  • Christ in the wine press, wall-painting at the Church of St. Ursula in Cologne, c. 1386-1400
  • A winepress, Tacuinum Sanitatis (BNF NAL 1673, fol. 76), c. 1390-1400
  • A winepress at the South Tyrol Museum of Wine, made c. 1395-1405
  • Christ in the winepress, (ÖNB 3676, fol. 14r), c. 1400-1410
  • Detail from the October fresco at the Castello Buonconsiglio, c. 1405-1410
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  • Christ in the winepress, fresco at the church in Karneid, first half of the 15th century
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  • Christ in the winepress, c. 1550