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The Great Household in Late Medieval England

What I’m looking for in this batch of links is a set of people in clothing that indicates a sort of uniform of affinity – while just about any clothing could be livery, the garments in these links are indicative of a group of people dressed similarly because the clothing was given to them as livery.

There’s a lot more to the concept of “livery” than I've addressed. It’s often a form of salary paid to one’s household retainers & servants, etc. These garments do not say “I am this person” (as a personal heraldic surcoat) or “I speak for this person” (as a herald’s tabard) but rather “I belong to (or in some cases, support) this person (or this geographic area, this political faction, this group, etc.).”

See also Livery Clothing circa 1460-1480 and 15th Century Livery Coats for Soliders.

NON-MILITARY CONTEXTS (civilian garments, servant & household livery, etc.)

MILITARY CONTEXTS (livery jackets worn over armor, battle scenes, etc.)