Heralds and their accoutrements

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For more on heralds’ tabards, see these links.

You can get additional inspiration for heralds’ tabards from these 18th and 19th century examples:
Philadelphia Museum of Art 1930-28-1 (1707-1714)
KHM Schatzkammer WS XIV 55, WS XIV 65, WS XIV 67, WS XIV 71, WS XIV 73, WS XIV 79, WS XIV 85, WS XIV 87, WS XIV 90, WS XIV 92, WS XIV 94, WS XIV 99, WS XIV 102
V&A T.1-1937 (1719-1744)
National Museums Scotland A.1987.206 (late 18th century)
Kremlin (1796)
National Army Museum 1963-05-70-1 (1877)