Extant Banners & Flags

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Bloodied Banners: Martial Display on the Medieval Battlefield Splendour of the Burgundian Court: Charles the Bold (14331477) Eyewitness: Flag

Medieval and Renaissance flags and banners to study from extant examples in museums, as well as links to articles discussing extant flags and banners. Not so much about banners as depicted in period artwork; other webpages, like these links on heraldic banners and flags, do a good survey of that sort of thing.

See The Sable Rose - Banners and Flags for information on late 15th century European banners, and how they were made. Cennini's Libro dell'Arte – especially this section – is useful for understanding craftsmen's techniques and materials.

Ecclesiastical flags and banners

Including church banners and processional banners. (I’m setting these apart from the flags and banners in the section above, but they do still show the sorts of techniques and materials that might have been used for heraldic banners.) This detail from a 16th century tapestry shows how such a processional banner would have been carried.