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Purses in Pieces: Archaeological Finds of Late Medieval and 16th century Leather Purses, Pouches, Bags and Cases in the Netherlands

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Period Patterns: Bags, Pouches, and Purses

This page focuses on the sorts of pouches and purses that Goubitz calls “framed purses”:

A category of distinctive purses with metal frames and suspension features by which they are suspended from the girdle … From the frame, made of iron, tin-plated iron, brass, silver or gold, hangs the leather bag part of the purse. In later centuries, other materials too were used, mainly textile. The frame surrounds the purse’s aperture. Therefore it must be wide enough to admit a hand.

I’ve separated them into a few different sub-categories: ring-framed purses (including the trapezoidal alms-purses, which seem to feature ring-shaped pieces of metal as part of their structural hardware); harp-framed purses; bar purses; and spring-catch framed purses.

Ring-framed purses

Harp-framed purses

Bar purses

Spring-catch framed purses