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What musicians wore, and which sorts of instruments might have been considered appropriate or typical for men or women of different social classes.

My rules for inclusion in this list:

  1. The dress of the musicians must at least approximate contemporary dress to the period in which the painting was done;
  2. The musicians must be human, and not angels, demons, gods, etc.;
  3. The artwork must have been executed post-Antiquity but before 1600.

There are several pictures of trumpeters calling noblemen to their meals; see the page about feastgear for such illustrations, and the bannered trumpets too.

There's also the Research Center for Music Iconography and Prof. Mary Rasmussen's Musical Iconography, as well as Bagpipes in Medieval Manuscripts (and other Bagpipe Iconography) and Historische Abbildungen (artwork with lutes, citterns, or guitars).

See A Guide to Medieval and Renaissance Instruments for more information about the different instruments discussed below. (Some of the instruments below may be mis-identified; please contact me if you've got a better idea of what we're looking at in these pictures.)