Medieval Dancers
De Pratica Seu Arte Tripudii: ''On the Practice or Art of Dancing'' by Guglielmo Ebreo of Pesaro

Fifteenth-Century Dance and Music: Twelve Transcribed Italian Treatises and Collections in the Tradition of Domenico Da Piacenza

Fifteenth-Century Dance and Music: Choreographic Descriptions with Concordances of Variants

The Carole: A Study of a Medieval Dance

By examining depictions of dancers in medieval artwork, one can develop theories of how such dances might have looked – and learn about what sorts of people danced, and how they dressed.

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For more information about pre-17th century dance, see these links. Additional dance-related iconography can be found at Bildsammlung Mittelaltertanz - Medieval Dance Picture Collection, Collection of Dance Pictures from 800 to 1550.

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