Music for Medieval and Renaissance Dances

The links below provide instructions for medieval and Renaissance dances (many of which are popular in the SCA), along with a "clips widget" that allows you to sample or download MP3s of the music for each dance. For additional CDs and MP3s of the dance music, see also Eric's SCA Dance & Music Page or Del's Dance Book.

Belle qui tiens ma vie (Carolingian Pavane/The Known World Pavane)

Bransle des Chevaux (Horse's Bransle)

Branles d'Escosse (Scottish Bransle)

Branle de la Hay (Bransle Hay)

Branle des Lavandieres (Washerwomen's Bransle)

Branle de Malte (Maltese Bransle)

Branle de l'Official (Official Bransle, sometimes called "Toss the Duchess")

The Honiesuckle Almain (Honeysuckle Almain)

Jouyssance Vous Donneray

La Volta

New Almaine