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Working Women in English Society, 1300-1620 Medieval Clothing and Textiles 2, featuring ''Textile Cleaning Techniques in Renaissance Europe'' Women, Work, and Life Cycle in a Medieval Economy: Women in York and Yorkshire c.1300-1520

Images of how clothing was washed in the Middle Ages and Renaissance. See also Images of Dyers and Dyeing Technology. For related articles, see A Marginal Occupation? The Medieval Laundress and her Work.

A page on laundering clothing in the 18th century appears elsewhere on this site.

For historical concoctions for washing cloth and clothing (especially for removing spots and stains from specific types of textiles), see the sources in The Dye Woorkes, especially the Stockholm Papyrus (4th century), Allerley Mackel (1532), The Secretes of the Reverend Maister Alexis of Piemont (1580), and A Profitable Booke (1605).