Bakers’ Molds

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The Museum of London’s website notes that "Bakers and confectioners made special cakes, wafers and biscuits to celebrate religious festivals, saints' days and other events in the Church calendar … [Molds were used] for the mass-production of 'almond breads' (marzipan) or 'bisket breads' made from fine flour, eggs and sugar coloured with saffron or some other natural colourant."

Georg Flegel's Still Life with Bread and Confectionary includes a heart-shaped molded bread likely made on a mold similar to these. We can actually see these sorts of molds in use in the illustration of Hanns Buel (d. 1520) in the Landauer Hausbuch. For modern cookies made from these sorts of molds, visit Goode Cookys.

See also Cake Boards and History of the Use of Cookie Molds for further history of these molds; HOBI Cookie Molds includes several more examples from the 17th century onwards. Molded Cookies in History features the story of the Biddenden Maids.