18th Century Women’s Caps

Last updated: Jan 7, 2024

See also bonnets, calashes, and other women’s hats.

18th century caps from America

18th century caps from Britain

  • NT 1348928, 1700-1720; “Bleached linen. False quilting onto linen muslin, large areas of linen cut away and elborate pulled thread design worked onto the muslin. Seams faced with linen tape. Constructed in 3 pieces - centre panel with curved piece each side. Edge bound linen tape.”
  • V&A T.212&A-1989, Honiton bobbin lace lappets, c. 1705-1710
  • NT 1359899, c. 1730-1750, a child's cap (age 2-4) with a half-crown attached to the band and trimmed with a frill of muslin and Valenciennes lace; there are pin marks where a ribbon was pinned
  • NT 814614.5, close-fitting blue-green silk cap, 1740-1760
  • NT 1349847, white lawn with an inner brim of heavier cotton, c. 1750-1800
  • NT 814614.6, undyed bobbin lace cap, 1760
  • V&A T.219-1964, c. 1770; “Embroidered silk net cap trimmed with silk bobbin lace and cherry silk ribbons, cherry silk bow in front, mounted on a cream silk lining.”
  • NT 1350487, a cap made of Indian printed chintz lined in bleached linen, 1780-1800

18th century caps from France

See also Maria Niforos.

18th century caps from Germany

18th century caps from the Netherlands, Flanders, and Belgium

See also KIK-IRPA.

  • Maria Niforos LA-236, Brussels lace lappets
  • Maria Niforos LA-124, Mechlin lace lappet
  • Maria Niforos LA-154, Mechlin lace lappets
  • Met 06.643 and Met 06.644, linen, Dutch, first quarter of the 18th century
  • V&A 7427 to 7429-1861, cap with lappets, Brussels bobbin lace, 1720s
  • V&A T.237-1926, bobbin lace cap back, southern Netherlands, c. 1720-1740
  • Maria Niforos LA-148, Brussels lace cap-back, c. 1740
  • MFA 55.588, probably Dutch; “Linen cap, with flat back and band around face worked with delicate floral pattern in raised quilting the ground completely covered with French knots”
  • LACMA M.64.85.12a-c, a pair of lappets and cap back, linen bobbin lace, Brussels, c. 1720-1730
  • V&A T.45&A-1949, lappets of needle lace, Brussels, 1740s
  • Rijksmuseum BK-1966-100-A, a linen cap with Mechelen lace, c. 1740-1760
  • V&A T.50-1949, cap back in bobbin lace, Malines, mid-18th century
  • Maria Niforos LA-155, a pair of Brussels lace lappets, c. 1750
  • V&A T.107-1916 , lappets of needle lace on bobbin-made ground, Brussels, 1750s
  • V&A 781 & A-1890, bobbin lace lappets, Brussels, 1750s
  • MFA 38.1206, Brussels lace in “Rococo floral pattern connected by fine round mesh”
  • MFA 23.703, back of a bobbin lace cap, Flanders; “The design consists of floral and rococo forms on a ground of bobbin mesh called "vrai réseau" or "droschel".”
  • MFA 23.706, bobbin lace back of a cap, Flanders; “Back of cap made up of straight pieces sewed together. A design of flowers and undulating bands on mesh of the cinq-trous or carrelage variety. (The center hole is much larger than the other four.)
  • Met C.I.53.3.4, cotton anvd silk, Flanders

18th century caps of unknown origin