18th Century Mariners' Cuffs

Last updated: Jan 5, 2024

Regarding this style of cuff, Paul Dickfoss writes:

The modern term “mariner’s cuff” (à la marinière) we could just as well call a “slashed cuff” or “cuff in the style of a sailor’ or “sailor’s cuff” or “soldier’s cuff” … It is first seen in the 1730s but becoming more common in the 1750s-1760s on the sleeves of boys & working class men, gentleman, enlisted soldiers & officers. This style of cuff comes in many variations but can make an interesting touch to a man’s jacket or coat.

In addition to men’s coats, the mariner’s cuff also appears on women’s riding habits and redingotes, which adopted details from contemporary menswear. The term à la marinière appears in the descriptive text accompanying some fashion plates from 1786.

H/T to Paul Dickfoss for suggesting this topic and many of the links here.