18th Century Women’s Riding Habits

  • Met 2011.72, riding jacket in silk and wool, probably French, early 18th century
  • John Bright Collection, riding jacket in worsted wool, trimmed with brocaded silk and silk satin, 1740s
  • Met 1970.161.6, a silk riding bodice, c. 1750
  • V&A T.197-1984, a brown worsted jacket lined with linen and silk, England, 1750s
  • V&A T.554-1993, a brown wool jacket with metal braid, England, 1750s
  • V&A T.12-1957, a blue camlet jacket lined with silk, England, 1750s
  • Met 1976.147.1, a brown riding coat in silk and goat hair, Britain, c. 1760
  • V&A T.198-1984, beige worsted riding coat in twill weave, lined with white linen, faced with pale blue silk, trimmed with pale blue satin, England, c. 1760
  • V&A T.57-2009, a riding habit jacket in lightweight fustian, Great Britain, c. 1760-1770
  • V&A 269 to B-1890, a riding habit in red wool with silver braid, c. 1770-1775
  • Met 1981.14.2, a riding waistcoat in silk and linen, Britain, c. 1775
  • Met 1976.147.2, a blue riding coat in silk and goat hair, Britain, c. 1775
  • LACMA M.82.16.2a-c, riding habit in watered silk faille, Venice, c. 1780
  • Rijksmuseum BK-1978-250, a redingote in embroidered silk satin, c. 1785
  • V&A T.190-1961, red wool waistcoat lined and backed with linen, England, 1790-1795
  • V&A T.670-1913, riding habit jacket, 1790s
    V&A T.670B-1913, a silk embroidered waistcoat, Great Britain, 1790s

Portraits of women in riding habits