18th Century Board Games

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Backgammon and Trictrac



See also Tableaux ayant pour sujet les échecs.

The Game of the Cries of …

The Game of the Goose

The Game of Human Life

  • BritMus 1893,0331.78, “Stationen Spiel auf der Reise dieses Lebens in Bildern,” Nuremburg, early 18th century
  • GNM HB 23884 Kapsel 1258a, “La Vie Humaine, un nouveau Jeu,” c. 1751-1800
  • V&A MISC.124-1989, a silk game-board for “La Vie Humaine un Nouveau Jeu,” Germany, 1790-1810
  • V&A E.156-1933, a hand-colored engraving for “The New Game of Human Life,” London, 1790
  • V&A CIRC.235-1964, a hand-colored engraving on linen, “The New Game of Human Life,” London, 1790
  • MoL A19011, “The New Game of Human Life,” London, 1790

The Game of the Owl

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