St. Birgitta’s Cap and related medieval women's coifs

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Medieval Clothing and Textiles 4

One of the relics associated with St. Bridget of Sweden, aka Birgitta of Vadstena (1303-1373), is a simple linen cap.

An article on St. Birgitta’s cap in Medieval Clothing and Textiles 4 has inspired re-creations have been produced by re-enactors all over the world, including Sarah A., Cathrin Åhlén, Laurel Black, Ragnhild Dalheim, Viktoria Holmqvist, Joanna L., Elina, Ellen Hyde, Ilish, Amanda Marksdottir, Åsa Martinsson, Edyth Miller, Vanessa Nessayem, Catharina Oksen, Esperanza de Navarra, Miriam Pike, Isis Sturtewagen, Wenny, Nesta verch Wyn, Sarai Tindall, and Tempora Nostra.

Additional line drawings relating to the original medieval coif can be found at the websites of the Middelaldercentret or at Some Clothing of the Middle Ages.

Following are additional medieval illustrations showing women wearing caps that resemble St. Birgitta's coif.

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