Karen’s Embroidery Library

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English Medieval Embroidery: Opus Anglicanum The Conservation of Tapestries and Embroideries: Proceedings of Meetings at the Institut Royal du Patrimoine Artistique, Brussels, Belgium Embroideries and Samplers from Islamic Egypt The Needlework of Mary Queen of Scots Blackwork Embroidery Blackwork Renaissance Patterns for Lace, Embroidery and Needlepoint Tudor Treasures to Embroider Flowers, Birds, and Unicorns: Medieval Needlepoint Medieval Cross Stitch Samplers Celtic Charted Designs

These are the books in my personal embroidery library. If you’d like to acquire a copy of any of them for yourself, click on the links below to order them from Amazon.

History of Embroidery

Learning Techniques and Applications (with brief historical sections)

Blackwork History, Techniques, and Modern Applications

Facsimiles of Period Embroidery Books/Recharted Patterns from Period Embroidery Books

Patterns in Medieval/Renaissance Themes

Charted Patterns in Celtic Themes

Other Booklists for Medieval and Renaissance Embroidery