18th Century Pelisses

A pelisse is an overgarment for well-dressed fashionable women; this is not a style worn by working woman. The pelisse tends to be a longer and more rectangularly-constructed overgarment than a capuchin or mantelet, extending past the lady's waist, often with slits through which she can extend her arms. Rather than leaving her arms exposed, the lady often wears gloves and carries a muff. Pelisses tend to be trimmed in fur, or a fake fur.

A domino is a silk cloak that is sometimes similar in shape to a pelisse (Met 1971.47.4), but it’s generally left untrimmed for wear as part of masquerade costume, as in this example from the Museum of London and this 1779 French fashion plate (“Jeune Dame qui ſ’estaffublée d’un grand Domino de taffetas a capuche … ”).

Extant examples

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