Tools for winding thread or yarn

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These links demonstrate a range of tools used to wind thread or yarn once it has been spun, but before it is used for weaving or sewing.

I have used modern names for these tools below, so that it will be easier for textile workers to draw parallels to their contemporary form and function.

Elsewhere on this site, there is a page on 18th century tools for winding thread or yarn.

NIDDY-NODDY – a tool that makes skeins from yarn. Modern niddy-noddies consist of a central bar with crossbars at each end, offset from each other by 90°; note that several of the examples below show the two crossbars parallel to each other.

REEL – These sometimes appear as spoked wheels, and in some cases are mislabeled as spinning wheels.

BOBBIN-WINDER – A small hand-powered machine that winds thread onto a bobbin, spindle, or clewe. These machines appear in weaving contexts, though similar bobbins appear in sewing & embroidering contexts as well.