Pilgrims’ Bags
Purses in Pieces: Archaeological Finds of Late Medieval and 16th century Leather Purses, Pouches, Bags and Cases in the Netherlands

This is a subset of links from the Pilgrims & Pilgrimage linkspage which focuses on the scrip, or pilgrim’s bag, a large leather satchel with a shoulder strap which appears on several images of pilgrims from medieval illustrations and Renaissance-era artwork.

Scrips appear with different styles of ornamentation on the flap, and in a few variations in terms of shape. A few show what appears to be pilgrimage badges on the flap of the bag.

For a few different re-creations of medieval pilgrims’s bags, see Interessengemeinschaft für ziviles Leben im Spätmittelalter, Mit Pilgerstab und Tasche, Žabacorporation’s Pilgrim’s Bag, Alexander’s Pilgrim’s Satchel, Stephen F. Wyley’s A Pilgrim’s Alms Satchel: A pattern and method of construction, Haanskraft’s Pilgrim’s Bag, and the Reineberger Pilger.

Diu Minnezit’s Pilgertasche, mirth_matter’s Pilgrim’s Bag and Tempora Nostra’s Mittelalterliche Umhängetasche von Sabine Scholl are based on a bag which appears on images of the Gibeonites posing as vagabonds (fol. 10v) and the Levite and his wife (fol. 15v) in the Maciejowski Bible (PML M.638), c. 1250. Coblaith Muimnech and House Strangewayes offer English-language patterns for this type of bag.