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Easy Documentation-Writing Form

Documentation-writing is a breeze when you use an EZ-Doc Form to help you write up what you've done and how you've done it! And with plenty of EZ-Doc Forms in development, you'll be able to find a simple form that's tailored to just the sort of project you've done.

Just click on an EZ-Doc Form from the list below, fill it out directly by typing the information into the blanks, and print it out. (You may need to update your Adobe Reader software if the form isn't working for you.)

The EZ-Doc form helps you create a basic level of documentation for your project. Even if you fill it out completely, you might not score 100% of the points awarded for documentation on your kingdom's A&S judging form. These EZ-Doc forms are developed for ease of use by relative beginners, or people who don't know how to write documentation yet (or don't feel comfortable writing documentation, for whatever reason). If you want to learn how to write more effective documentation, check out Documentation Is Not A Dirty Word.

I'm currently developing EZ-Doc forms tailored to specific genres and art forms; a list of what you can expect in the coming weeks is provided below, and you can follow the Facebook page to get notified when the new forms go online. You will be able to choose the best form for the type of project that you are presenting.

EZ-DOC Forms

EZ-Doc Forms in development: The following genre-specific EZ-Doc forms are in development, and will appear on the website within the next few weeks; watch the Facebook page for updates, or to get in touch if there's a specific genre that ought to have its own EZ-Doc form.

If you've got more to say than this form has space for, why don't you just go ahead and write up a documentation paper? Get some advice on writing documentation here!

A note to A&S Officers: You can print out blank versions of these forms and have them available at competitions or displays. Please remember that the EZ-Doc Form should never be required in addition to documentation; this form is intended for people who haven't brought documentation for their work, or who don't know how (or don't feel comfortable enough) to write documentation on their own.

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