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The Medieval Tailor's Assistant: Making Common Garments 1200-1500 Medieval Military Costume Recreated in Colour Photographs

Illustrations of people wearing the “chaperon” style of headdress; in its early form, a hood worn with the face-opening on top of the head, but later evolving a padded roll where the face-opening used to be. These illustrations demonstrate the different manners of wearing a chaperon; how the mantle-end draped, whether the tail end was wrapped about the head or allowed to drape across the shoulders, etc.

These are referred to by several other names, by various costumers, including “liripipes” or “coxcomb hats.” It should be noted that chaperon is merely the French word for 'hood'; I have no evidence to indicate that this particular style of headwear was (in medieval England) differentiated from the conventional manner of wearing hoods by use of the word chaperon or any other term, for that matter. Some of these links provide more information and methods of construction.