Basque Onomastics of the Eighth to Sixteenth Centuries
Appendix 1: Given Names and Patronyms

The names below are sorted by the modern Basque spelling of the given name, generally the spelling given by Euskaltzaindia (which is the Royal Academy of the Basque Language). The names are further divided into Dims (diminutive forms of the given name); Vars (spelling variations of the main given name as found in various period documents); ("Romance" variations, generally the Spanish version of the given name); and Pats (patronyms or metronyms based on the given name). The Romance (Rom) and Latin versions, when used to identify persons who may have been of Basque origin in the records, are also noted below. In cases where only one reference to a particular form was found, it is cited in parentheses. See the bibliography for the four-letter codes used to indicate the reference books listed below.